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Strange U - Scarlett Jungle

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Strange U (Rapper Vulcan aka Kashmere The Iguana Man and beatsmith Dr Zygote) dropped Scarlett Jungle on Eglo Records back in March 2013. Spread over 6 bitesize morsels it was a release that passed me by until very recently. Coming off like the UK's very own amalgamation of DOOM and Dr Octagon, wrapped in clever wordplay and warped humour, it's UK Hip-hop but not as you know it, or atleast not as I remember it.

Dirgey, gritty and full of great punchlines. Dr Zygote's beats bump with that all important head nod factor. Vulcan's vocal flow; deceptively restrained despite their aggressive distortion. Each track on Scarlett Jungle is unique in style and creative execution. Plastique's stream of lyrical consciousness is both intelligent and humorous.

"Everything is made of plastic, even your face, your eyes, your nose, your ears, your thighs - get wise!"

Bad Trip Parent's thunderous beat conjures imagery of hooded cult members knelling before the altar in anticipation of the ritual sacrifice. Sublime in its completion, Scarlett Jungle's biggest let down is that it's just too damn short.

Scarlett Jungle is out now on 12" and download from Eglo Records .

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