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Traxx: Sinjin Hawke & MikeQ - Thunderscan

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Oh my, Sinjan Hawke and MikeQ have concluded Hawke's Fractal Fantasy series with an absolute banger of a track.

ThunderScan is the kind of track that throws you curveball after curveball; effortlessly switching momentum throughout while keeping the trademark signatures of each producers style intact. Sinjin's maximal soundscapes and MikeQ's fierce energy are consistently apparent as rippling timpani style drums deliver waves of tension counter-pointing the tracks plastique percussion and infectious chants. Ha Dance sample's crash through the soundscape like shards of crystal impaling the dancefloor and effervescent shakers punctate phrases across the track.

Over the course of the Fractal Fantasy series Sinjin Hawke has collaborated with Zora Jones, Morri$ and Night Slugs L-Vis 1990 with videos for each track being provided, in the most part, by animator Cyberlight whose high definition amorphos fluids capture the tracks synesthetic experience.

If you like ThunderScan, Sinjin's recent mix for i-D Magazine (below) is highly reccomend featuring more forthcoming jams from both Sinjin and MikeQ and sounding pretty much like how life would sound if you lived in a bubblegum dispenser.

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